Leaks can waste thousands of litres of water. If you think you have have a leak on your property you can follow the simple tips below to help identify the problem before calling a plumber.
- Look and listen for any dripping taps
- Check around your appliances for signs of leaking, corrosion or water damage
- Check for damp patches on your lawn/garden during dry spells, is any grass green when the rest is browning, has any lawn subisded?
- If you suspect your toilet is leaking you can put some food colouring in the cistern, if the colour is in the bowl before flushing it may be leaking.
- Locate your water meter, in most cases this will be on the front boundary of your property (call the water supply if you are unable to locate your meter). Turn off all taps and appliances in the house (do not shut off the valve in the meter box), check the red numbers on the right hand side of the meter (as shown below) these should not be moving. To spot a slow leak, take a meter reading late at night (make sure no water is used during the night) and take another reading in the morning, if there is a difference in readings you are likely to have a leak. Ensure the lid on the meter box is replaced after each meter check.


If you think you have spotted a leak before the water meter or you have no water, please  contact the Supply Company immediately on 09 4060520, or email us at [email protected] AFTER following the below checklist.
LEAKS:  Can you see running water? Can you see the cause of the leak (if so please relay this on to the supply company), is it unusual for the area to be wet?
NO WATER: When was the last time you had running water? Are there any construction or service vehicles nearby? Have you checked the meter box, has someone turned this off accidentally?
If a repair is required on the main line due to damage, the party who damaged the line will be responsible for the cost of repair. 
In the case of works being completed for a house this will usually fall under the owner, not the contractor.
In cases where water supply equipment has failed there will be no charge for repair if before the water meter.
For any cases where the supply is called out to attend where there is no water reported and the supply finds nothing wrong with the supply lines, a call out fee will apply.

After hours please call one of the following staff members

Ben 021 981476
Max 021 820850