About Doubtless Bay Waterr

Doubtless Bay Water Supply Co Ltd (DBWS) is a privately owned Public Water Supply Company. DBWS is a Network Utility Operator with Requiring Authority - registered with the Ministry for the Environment.
The company began operation in 1985, and supplies water to customers in Mangonui, Coopers Beach, Cable Bay, Taipa and Oruru. DBWS office and workshop facilities are situated at 157 Cable Bay Block Rd in Coopers Beach.
Water is sourced from three places, Mangonui, Taipa, and Oruru. All water is filtered, treated, and safe for consumption, and is monitored under the New Zealand drinking water standards.

Any property owner can opt to provide their own water. Many rain water tank supplies run dry during the summer and the owners are forced to buy in tankered water (at approximately 10 times the rate of the town water supply). Many of our customers with existing tanks will collect their rainwater into tanks and use the Town Supply in the summer when there is little rainfall. Well drilling is expensive, bore water quality also cannot be guaranteed and the water from many bores is unsuitable for domestic or commercial requirements due to high iron content or high salinity in local aquifers.
Most of our customers are now directly connected to the supply, this eliminates the need to run an electric pump (saving money and power costs) as the the supply is a high pressure system.